Provided Services

Development Assistance and Advisory Services


Under our leadership, the Chester Housing Authority received a $14.9 million HOPE VI grant for Lamokin Village, now known as Chatham Estates, in 1997. Chatham Estates was completed on time and within budget, and is now reoccupied, with over 80% of its non-senior residents holding steady jobs.

Our plans at Chatham focused not only on the demolition of dilapidated housing units, but also on creating off-site home ownership opportunities for residents preparing to make the transition from public housing to self-sufficiency. This included the creation of a "One Stop Shop" to provide a center for job training and entrepreneurial services for residents.

RHG's development and financing at Chatham consisted of:

  • 40-unit Senior Village
    A public-private venture financed through an award of Low Income Housing Tax Credits and subsidized by annual ACC payments from HUD
  • 110 units of family rental public housing
    Financed entirely with the $14.9 million HOPE VI grant
  • A planning grant was also used to begin the revitalization plan