Comprehensive Affordable Housing Services

RHG specializes in providing comprehensive services associated with the development, operation and management of affordable housing. We have an extraordinary record of obtaining and implementing housing financing grants such as government HOPE VI Mixed Finance Grants and tax credits. We are well positioned to work under HUD's Choice Neighborhoods initiative and to utilize the Housing Trust Fund.

Experience as Developer and Program Manager

RHG is unique in our broad experience and expertise as federal receiver, fee developers and program managers for public agencies. This varied perspective means that our clients and partners benefit from our thorough understanding of the needs of all parties – developer and agency – resulting in more equitable, efficient and expedited implementation.

Leading Successful Partnerships

RHG is experienced in coordinating many efforts with HUD, local housing authorities and residents, we have pioneered a variety of initiatives to assure sustainability – a key component to any program.

We have had great success in initiating and maintaining partnerships with foundations, businesses, governments and non-profit organizations in commercial development, job training, recreational opportunities and community growth.