Development Assistance and Advisory Services
RHG's development and advisory services are comprehensive.
Our services include:
  • Drafting RFPs and RFQs to select consultants and partners
  • Revitalization plans
  • HUD Demolition/Disposition Applications - obtaining HUD approvals along with required appraisals, environmental studies and engineering certifications
  • HOPE VI applications
  • Annual plans
  • Replacement Housing Factor plans
  • Negotiating master development agreements
  • Rental term sheets
  • R & O agreements
  • Management agreements and plans
  • Other evidentiaries
Development Partnerships and Program Management
RHG puts together successful complete development teams to respond to RFPs and can serve as an agency or commission's program manager/ leadership. Our expertise includes:
  • Design development teams to respond to RFPs
  • Program Management of development projects
  • Development partners of a government agency
Private/Public Financing Assistance
Rosenberg Housing Group is an accomplished developer of mixed financing housing in partnership with local housing agencies and other developers. We prepare and submit financing applications to allocating agencies including:
  • HOPE VI Applications
  • Replacement Housing Factor Funds applications
  • Competitive tax credits [9% credits]
  • Bond financing [4% credits]
  • Brownfield tax credits
Talent Search and Board Training
RHG will conduct talent searches for Executive Director positions and other senior positions for housing agencies. Additionally, Mr. Rosenberg can advise and train boards of directors working in the housing field.
Property Management Services
RHG is a managing partner in SPR Property Management LLC, which is headquartered in Michigan and specializes in managing LIHTC units and the properties of public housing authorities. SPR also manages both condos and fair market rental properties. In addition to managing both Woodbridge and Gardenview Estates, SPR also manages several public housing sites.

RHG is also closely associated with Dalton Management Company, which with funding from various federal, state and city programs, manages approximately 2,000 affordable housing units in the New York City metropolitan area.

Building management services are only available in the New York City Metropolitan Area and in Michigan.
Technical Assistance
Rosenberg Housing Group, working in collaboration with CVR Associates of Tampa, Florida, provides a wide range of technical assistance to public housing agencies, all under a comprehensive quality control (QC) plan, including:
  • Development and delivery of training materials and professional technical writing services, including guidebooks, handbooks, fact sheets, manuals, reports, notices, application kits and other materials that incorporate various regulatory and programmatic changes
  • Revitalization plans
  • Training to boards and staffs on current and new elements of new regulation, formula, rule or directives
  • Management analysis, research, data verification, report development, examination and analysis of policies and procedures relating to personnel, travel, internal controls, risk mitigation, contracting, quality control reviews, monitoring, development, occupancy, maintenance, financial management, utilization, special needs groups, review and analysis of audited and unaudited financial statements and records, including budget, management, accounting and financial conditions, and assessment of information needs and recommendations for improvement
  • Services to assist the public housing authorities and public housing agencies with rigorous organizational structures and staffing; creation and implementation of management information systems, including staff training; admissions and occupancy policies and procedures; vacancies and unit turnaround procedures and systems; maintenance and modernization programs; and comprehensive maintenance plans
  • Demolition/ disposition application and plans
  • Financial management plans
  • Procurement and contracting plans
  • Security and law enforcement services
  • Resident services plan
  • Energy consumption and conservation plans
  • Section 8 planning, training and implementation
  • Real estate management
  • Staff training about numerous topics, including welfare reform, income targeting and rent reform, deregulation and streamlining, consolidation of public housing programs and the merger of Section 8 certificates and vouchers
  • Acting as administrative receiver or other designated chief executive officer within a PHA
  • Facilitating effective use of current or revised system for rent calculation and subsidy determination
  • Providing mediation, intervention, arbitration and/or problem-solving services
  • Assisting in functional support, status, tracking, analysis and legislative compliance in HUD-required program system or module